The Science Behind Antioxidants

The Science Behind Antioxidants

Recent studies in nutrition have been particularly interested in investigating the potential benefits of antioxidant supplements in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. These supplements, which contain vitamins with antioxidant properties, are believed to help neutralize harmful molecules in the body called free radicals; these naturally occurring forms can damage cells and contribute to the development of heart disease. By understanding how these supplements work, researchers construct more effective prevention mechanisms to produce medicines and treatment strategies for this common and serious medical condition. Antioxidant supplements like vitamins E and C and beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A) – have the potential for health promotion. However, most data about antioxidant supplements’ health-promoting functions are not convincing. And only up to 30 percent of people have tried any form of antioxidant pills.

Please clarify what antioxidants are and how they contribute to our health.
There are two forms of antioxidants, as we know. Vitamins and or minerals. Vitamins and minerals protect oxygen from harmful reactions to other free radicals inside our body cells. The oxidation procedure causes permanent damage to cells, leading to common health problems.

Antioxidants exist in various foods, but most are in fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet with plenty of greens and fruits maintains the highest level of antioxidants in our bloodstream, leading to less free radicals and a healthy environment.
When we consume greens, fruits, and supplements, the antioxidants we supply to our body eliminate the free radicals. You see, here’s what happens when you have more than a threshold of free radicals in your bloodstream. Because they are highly unstable, these free radicals tend to steal or get electrons from stable molecules, making those molecules dangerous as well, turning them into free radicals. The procedure of a transformed molecule becomes a long chain and will continue until such a chain is unstabilized. It is the correct time for antioxidants to play their role, whose sole function is to break the chain and neutralize free radicals.

During the process of neutralization, the antioxidants become unstable themselves. Hence, they also become oxidized. The body needs a daily supply of fruits, greens, or supplements rich in antioxidants to destroy harmful free radicals and control them under control control.

With the kind of diet most of us have these days, we may not be getting enough antioxidants from our foods. And remember. We need to supply our bodies with antioxidants daily. In such cases, antioxidant supplements come in.

The body may not get enough antioxidants because you don’t have enough fruits or eat many good vegetables; therefore, you need an alternate source, such as antioxidant supplements.

Antioxidant supplements are that source. And while antioxidant supplements can’t replace naturally occurring antioxidants from veggies and fruits, they can help busy people keep the correct level of antioxidants in their bodies.

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