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Package Include
1 x cup

-Color: Light green toothpaste cups for elderly
-Size: About 20.00X11.00X8.00cm/7.86X4.32X3 Bathroom Accessory.
-Material: PP kids
-Reusable toothbrush cup can be used as bathroom accessories for toothpaste and toothbrushes Household Toothpaste Cup.
-Handle slot, toothbrush can be placed separately, quick drain to reduce growth, clean hygiene Plastic Wash Mug.
-The outer edged of the tooth brushing cups are very smooth and safe for lips Plastic Toothpaste Cup.
-The toothbrush cup is made of , which is safe to use kids toothbrush.
-Toothbrush cup is treated with good craftsmanship, which is comfortable to hold and smooth as a whole hospital emesis tray.

Goods Information
Supply Each cup has a handle, which is convenient for US to hold and use.home accessory After good craftsmanship, these cups have a smooth surface and can be purchased with peace of mind.plastic dental emesis trays The tooth brushing cup is made of sturdy material, safe and practical, and can be used for a long time

Patient wash mug– this cup is a nice bedridden patient toothbrush cup, bring more convenience.​
Bathroom toothbrush cup– the large-capacity toothbrush cup can fully meet the needs of mouth washing in daily life.
Bathroom accessory– reusable toothbrush cup can be used as bathroom accessories for toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Toothpaste cups for elderly– the handle of cups is comfortable to handle, bring elderly more convenience.
Household cartoon water cup– πŸ§“πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄γ€humanized hanging handle】: a hanging handle is placed on the back of the bedside soaking tub, allowing for easy gripping and use. this handle makes it convenient to hold the basin securely while in use, providing stability and control. additionally, the cup is designed to be easily placed and stored.

Price: $15.19
(as of Jan 21, 2024 13:10:40 UTC – Details)

The Garneck Teeth Brushing Wash Cup is a versatile and convenient bathroom accessory that offers a range of features to meet the needs of various users. This package includes 1 cup in a light green color, designed for elderly individuals. The size of the cup is approximately 20.00X11.00X8.00cm, making it a suitable bathroom accessory for toothpaste and toothbrushes. The material used is PP, which is safe and practical for everyday use.

The cup features a handle slot, allowing for the toothbrush to be placed separately and facilitating quick drainage to reduce the growth of bacteria. The smooth outer edges make it safe for use, ensuring a comfortable experience for all users. The toothbrush cup is made with good craftsmanship, providing a comfortable and smooth grip. Additionally, the cup can also be used as a household toothpaste cup and is suitable for children’s toothbrushes.

Each cup is equipped with a handle, making it convenient to hold and use. The cups are designed with good craftsmanship and have a smooth surface, offering peace of mind to users. They are made of sturdy and practical material, ensuring long-term use for the bathroom toothbrush cup.

The Garneck Teeth Brushing Wash Cup serves multiple purposes, from a patient wash mug to a large-capacity toothbrush cup for daily mouth washing. The handle of the cups is specifically designed for the comfort and convenience of the elderly. Furthermore, a humanized hanging handle is included, allowing for easy gripping and storage of the cup.

In conclusion, the Garneck Teeth Brushing Wash Cup is an essential bathroom accessory that caters to the varying needs of different individuals. Its versatile features and practical design make it a valuable addition to any household.

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