Gel Heel Cup Plantar Fasciitis Liner – Silicone Heel Cup Pads for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Bone Spur Pain and Achilles Tendon Treatment and Shock Absorbing Support(Medium/Small)L8


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【WIDE APPLICATION】The Non-Slip Design and Soft Gel Lining Will Not Cause The Sole to Slip, Just Peel Off the Film and Put it Into the Shoe as Needed, This Gel Heel is Suitable for a Variety of Occasions and Shoes, Such as Sneakers, Walking Shoes, Boots, They Can Be Worn All Day Long, Ideal for Nurses, Hotel Workers, Runners, Dancers, Athletes, Etc.
【FIRM ADHESION】 – The Self-Adhesive Technology Provides Strong Adhesion and Keeps the Heel Pad Securely in Place on the Shoe. In Addition, The Insoles Can be Reused as Often as you Like – Just Wash Them in Warm Water and Let Them Dry Naturally.
【PAIN RELIEF】Protect your Heel Pain and Relieve your Ankle Muscle Fatigue. Helps Target your Heel to Promote Relief, Help With Plantar Fasciitis and Reduce Heel Pain When Running, Walking and Standing. It Features a Soft, Dual-Density Silicone Gel to Prevent Heel Impact and Evenly Distribute Pressure for Better Comfort Throughout the Day.
【SUPER CUSHIONING】 Thanks to the New Super Flex Technology, The Heel is Gently Cushioned on Every Impact, Providing Even Pressure Distribution Throughout the Foot – This Ensures Walking Comfort and Reduced Pain and Fatigue.
【100% SATISFACTION 】We are Here to Help you Every Step of the Way, Our Goal is your Happiness and Foot Pain Relief, If you Receive any Problems With the Product, Please Contact us Promptly, We Will Give you a Satisfactory Answer Within 24 Hours.

Price: $15.99 - $8.00
(as of Jan 18, 2024 15:56:34 UTC – Details)

Article Title: Gel Heel Cup Plantar Fasciitis Liner – Silicone Heel Cup Pads for Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Bone Spur Pain, Achilles Tendon Treatment, and Shock Absorbing Support (Medium/Small) L8

The Gel Heel Cup Plantar Fasciitis Liner is a revolutionary solution for those suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spur pain, and Achilles tendon issues. This product provides firm adhesion and superior cushioning to promote relief and comfort throughout the day.

With its non-slip design and soft gel lining, the Gel Heel Cup ensures that the sole does not slip, targeting the heel to provide pain relief and reduce ankle muscle fatigue. The self-adhesive technology ensures strong adhesion, keeping the heel pad securely in place on the shoe. Additionally, the insoles can be reused as often as needed, making them a cost-effective solution for long-term use.

The Gel Heel Cup is suitable for a variety of occasions and shoes, including sneakers, walking shoes, and boots. It can be worn all day long, making it ideal for nurses, hotel workers, runners, dancers, athletes, and anyone else suffering from foot pain.

The product features a soft, dual-density silicone gel that prevents heel impact and evenly distributes pressure for better comfort throughout the day. Thanks to the new super flex technology, the heel is gently cushioned on every impact, providing even pressure distribution throughout the foot, ensuring walking comfort and reducing pain and fatigue.

In addition to its pain-relieving qualities, the Gel Heel Cup also provides shock-absorbing support, making it an ideal solution for those with active lifestyles. Whether you’re running, walking, or standing, the Gel Heel Cup will help alleviate heel pain and promote foot comfort.

Above all, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. The makers of Gel Heel Cup Plantar Fasciitis Liner are committed to helping every step of the way, with the goal of ensuring happiness and foot pain relief for all users. If any issues arise with the product, they are readily available to provide a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

In conclusion, the Gel Heel Cup Plantar Fasciitis Liner is an innovative and effective solution for those suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spur pain, and Achilles tendon issues. With its superior cushioning, firm adhesion, and wide application, it is a versatile and reliable product that provides lasting comfort and relief.

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